Sunday, May 29, 2005

Hill Country Rumble

You could see the storm coming in from the west and north around 10pm. Huge thunderheads were lit when the lightening danced through them. The rains began not long after -- midnight? Rain hit the windows. It was a hard hurried rainfall.
The thunder though, was incredible. It was hill country thunder, the likes that I've never heard except for here. Long rolling thunder--a lot to be said this night. Lightening would blink 3, 4 times and I would cringe because the thunder would have to be loud. And it was. Hugely bad, rattling the windows long after the storm passed.
This morning everything is fresh. The birds are scavenging the ground for fallen bugs and anything else that's worth eating. And, they're just a little soggy.
The rain gague read just .06" of rain--hardly believable as the birdbaths are full to overflowing and Lillie's wading pool that was empy yesterday has inches of water in it.
Ahhh, you can feel the earth sighing--it was indeed thirsty.
More flowers will be on the way now in gratitude.