Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Spring slowly awakens

This is my most favorite time of day. First thing in my morning, when everyone's left for school and work, and the animals have managed to re-settle.

I admit, I don't often see this early part of the day or at least I haven't in the recent past, but lately I've found myself up before the sun rises above the trees.

This is the time where I make time to reflect over the night. I try to remember each dream with as much detail as I can. I try to figure out the meaning and how it fits into my life. I am like that. I've always believed our truths reside in dreams. It's just that we have to remember them.

But this is not a post on dreams.

Spring has finally arrived here and daily I am awed at her beauty. She's been quite coy to this new resident with her intentions. We've probably had a streak of two days with the same weather here lately. I promise I'm not complaining. I'm truly enjoying the experience. Coming from land that, if you were lucky, had a couple of inches of fertile soil on which to live. Other places, just barely enough topsoil to keep the rocks down.

But this land, this land is different. As you walk on the grass with NO stickers, you kind of feel the give of fertile soil that isn't compacted or dry or just rocks with some native grass grasping frantically for a foothold. It is loamy and soft and giving and… odd. I startle a bit with every first step onto the lawn. My foot sinks just a little, as if the soil is happily welcoming my visit. And the grasses hold much magic within their green arms. Mosses are everywhere and when you're trying not to step on moss, you're tripping over violets or some other wildflower that isn't quite blooming. It's a huge landscape on a very minute level.

And the ants here are FRIENDLY!!!

No surprise attacks! No intensely stinging welts! No scarring pustules! Actually, they run at any shadow, so the old adage of "they're more afraid of you" holds with them.

The trees are only now budded up and leafing out. The dogwoods are coming into full bloom and what at first looks like a tree with twinkle lights at the ends of branches within days looks like a popcorn tree. The dogwood flowers are generally white and humorously look as if someone spent a lot of time putting tissue flowers at the ends of every branch.

It's begun. The earth here is waking up and spring has taken off. I can't wait to see what she brings!