Thursday, September 06, 2012

she was here only for a short time...

Little Miss Molly. What a dear sweet spirit, this one.

Her Sunday began harshly--a dangerous encounter with a car left her on the side of the road, in shock, but alive. She arrived very subdued and didn't even cry out when the blood soaked bandage was unwound from her tail. She had road rash all over, from nose to toes and the white of her fur was so dirty it looked grey. But the tail... no skin, no fur, just muscle and bone... and she purred when petted... oh my poor baby, to purr after all of this. Amputation was the only choice and within minutes the surgery was over.

Immediately I offered to foster her--how could I not? She was a hero to me to have survived something so awful without crying and she was also someone I wanted to know. Plus, she looked so much like my girl Stella that I just couldn't resist!

When I first brought her home, I put her in my bathroom complete with a litter box and food. It's a comfy size and I've started other fosters in this way. I came and went and never forced her to acknowledge me by grabbing her or holding her. After several days, I opened the door to the bedroom so she could expand her territory. Stella had been wondering who exactly I had brought home this time and now she could see for herself. Of course, Stella ignored the baby and pretended she didn't even exist. The baby explored the bedroom and found that under the bed lived a great many treasures. Old toys from kittens past entertained her and the noise drew Stella even nearer.

Interestingly, Stella was never aggressive towards the baby. I was surprised at her immediate nurturing of the baby. Within two weeks they were chasing and playing--at night. To say they were fast friends is an understatement. One morning while I brushed my teeth, Stella was there watching and Molly came up and sat beside her. Stella began licking Molly's head, then shoulders, then back. I stood and watched in awe, toothpaste dribbling down my chin.

The best part was waking up in the middle of the night with Stella and Molly laying so close to me, Stella licking Molly and Molly purring. She has the loudest purr I've ever heard. Eventually, Stella would tire of the baby moving in on her territory (me) and leave in a huff, and Molly would move ever closer to me, paw touching my cheek.

Molly's arrived at her new home, complete with 3 kids to love her. No kitten could ask for more. Stella called for her for half an hour after Molly left and then settled into following my every move for another hour.

She had the best we had to offer. Stella and I are still in mourning. I have no idea for how long, but we'll do our best to make Molly proud! Fostering is tough!!!