Sunday, August 07, 2011

Newport, Rhode Island

Lafayette at King's Point park.

gull prints at the beach.

flowers at the farmers market on Main.

my absolute favorite place in the world. Bailey's Beach. There's no place like home.

historic neighborhood.

I've immersed myself into Place. Fitting into Place. Feeling Place. Feeling this place.

The last couple of years, I've photographed large scapes of this Place--parks, skies, water... and this year I am zeroing in on the minute--shells, flowers, and people. Reflecting.

Sadly, I cannot post the sounds--fog horns in the night time fog, crows calling and passing through, terns circling and calling to one another in their spiral. The breezes through the trees... trees I don't know the names of; trees that I've only seen in books.

And today a light rain, a slow cleanse. Making everything shine a little greener. And I sit at a table beside an open window (screen is up too), catching flicks of drizzle that the breeze blows in. I look out the window of this third floor historic house and see as a bird--rooftops, shed tops, but not quite tree tops. The trees are tall here. So very tall. They embrace the homes, not protectively, but expand into the leftover space. In that, they hide the buildings. It's incredible to be passing by what you first think is a growth of green and see in between the foliage a huge mansion.

For this post I am using photos I've taken with my phone camera. I have a nifty app that's called Retro Camera that includes 5 options of camera to use, each with a different result. I find I like the 'Little Orange Box' camera for it's aged and bordered effect.

These are from the camera 'The Barbl':

There are so many more photos that I would love to add... and it seems as time flies every single day that we are here. This Place is so magical for me. It's a place of mystery, of ancient whispers through the tall trees, of grounding wisdom washed upon the short every 7 seconds. I can take deep cleansing breaths here and stand a bit taller. Even though 7 weeks seemed like a long time in the beginning, it's absolutely not enough.

I love you Newport.