Friday, April 10, 2009

He's a Sheep.

Rocky was sheared for the first time this last week. I wasn't there--I don't know if I could have handled it. I wanted to help Katie, Head Sheep Shearer, shear the sheep and my desire was for real. However, I have had several mishaps happen when I 'helped' Katie with pasture animals in the past and needless to say, she still has arms and hands and she likes it that way.

I did end up with a nice little bit of wool, Real Sheep's Wool--a thoughtful gift from Katie (most likely for staying out of her way.)

Rooster was rescued from a cock fighting ring in south Texas. He was one of 10 (I think...) and now lives in the pasture with Rocky and the other permanent special needs herd. Rooster's best friend is Violet the pig (a lovely pink pig that wasn't able to get around when she first arrived due to being paralyzed and overweight. Though still a little paralyzed in her hind end, she gets around very well due to a perfect pig friendly diet and a large pasture in which to live.) He's never far from her except when she burrows into the huge round bale of hay and disappears. He's then left on his own to keep the pasture safe from all bugs and other winged invaders he deems dangerous.

On the home front:
I chanced out back to give the dogs water and saw the rose bush in the garden in all of her glory. She was originally purchased because she has the best and most nutritious rose hips in the fall that come in very handy for Get Well teas in the winter. And, Justin (our 110lb shepherd/lab mix dog) just can't get enough of them when I allow him to come with me into the garden. He will stand neck deep in the bush gently and delicately lip each hip and eat it. I've stood amazed watching him avoid all thorns while getting his fill.

I've neglected her for the last year or so and in spite of my neglect (or maybe because of it as she's an antique) she's glorious!! If I knew her name, I would tell you. As it is, I've forgotten it. As soon as I find, remember, or am told her name I will amend this post. Until then, isn't she LOVELY!!!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

We have been Graced

She was found wandering the streets of San Antonio at just two weeks old. Animal Control was picked her up and she was cared for by someone who grew to love her very much. She then was brought to the sanctuary. For obvious reasons, her temporary name was Brownie but as she spent time with us, it became clear (Krystal!) that 'Brownie' didn't really do her justice. Her new given name is Gracie (Princess Gracie Kelly of Moonaco.) And she is royalty!

As close as we can tell, she has a lot of angus heritage even though her coloring gives a cast of another breed as angus are red and black (some blondes) and she's a beautiful chestnut color. And oh so soft--baby fur!!

I took her on a walk to the yard around the admin building. She followed me closely, nosing my knee as we walked, every bit as good as one of our dogs on a walk. She didn't fret like Atrayu did when we would take walks, talking and calling constantly. She was very quiet and gentle. Her nose nudging my knee and little hoof steps were the only reminders she was with me.

We walked through the gate of the yard and she was off--running, jumping, and kicking. She was so excited to be able to run--she definitely 'frolicked' and 'cavorted'. She even ran towards me at full speed, tail in the air, and right as I began to panic about being run over by a 100lb+ calf, she veered just a bit and missed me. And oh did her eyes sparkle as she jogged back around for pats.

She began to wind down after almost an hour of playtime. I led her back to where she sleeps and sat with her as she drifted off for a nap. It is very hard to leave a sleeping baby. Especially one so young.

She will have a great bovine family when she's big enough to be in the pasture full time--3 other cows, a brangus bull (Chester) and a longhorn steer. Until then she'll be every one's baby.