Monday, October 03, 2005

Garden Companion

She doesn't even know she isn't human. Maybe she does but doesn't really care. Whatever the case, she makes my time working in the clinic gardens so much more interesting than they would be without her.
The other black vultures float on the hill country winds high above the sanctuary as many as 25 in a kettle. Every once in awhile she will tilt her head and watch them circle but seems to have no desire to join them.
She has joined me the last several times I have gardened. One time I was working on the now defunct sprinkler system and her curiosity got the better of her. As the water only trickled out of the top of one of the spouts, I patted the water in order for her to see what I was doing. She lumbered over and began to grab at the water with her bill, not to drink, but to play--vultures play.
She was interested in the water as long as I played with her. As I moved about in the gardens, she followed to see what I would be doing next. Most of the time she just watched, or stayed in the shade with wings spread wide open to cool herself. There's nothing like seeing a black vulture up close and personal with their wings spread wide.
As a feather collector I have learned over the years to recognize where a feather came from by sight. To see the feathers on a live bird and where each resides was a secret look into the life of a feather for me.
I really like my new gardening companion.

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Cindy said...

Wow. I have to wonder if the vulture knew you in a previous life or something. Very cool.

I just came upon your blog today, and have read back a few posts. Very passionate and well-written. Thank you for sharing. I will be returning!