Sunday, January 06, 2008

Happy New Year 2008

We spent the beginning of the new year in Michigan with Brent's family. Oh what a joy when on new year's eve night the snow began to fall. I know the family thought we Texans were nuts to go so crazy over snow fall. To us it was a folly, to them it meant winter was here along with more snow, ice, sleet, single-digit temps, and all that encompasses.

The snow had just begun to fall when I took this picture. When I got up the next morning, over 6" had fallen. The landscape took on a new softer, more rounded look. The romanticizing of winter could now begin.

By my birthday on the 2nd, we have over a foot of snow. It was delightful. I wandered around the yard with my new lens taking photos of up close things.

I wish I could have gotten photos of the little chipmunk in the back yard that would vie for dropped birdseed with the fat northern squirrels. He had a tunnel dug at the base of a tree in the snow that he would dart in to after stuffing his cheeks full.

The crows were noticeably absent until the last day of our visit. I think the storms kept them holed up in warmer places. On our last day while running errands, I saw them in the hundreds filtering back into town. I was ecstatic!!! I didn't have my camera with me or I would have taken pictures of the trees that were full of the black birds, calling and visiting.

Back home now and the gardens look like winter was definitely here. The tender plants that will return again in the spring have left bare stalks and it looks like we lost our beautiful mexican olive tree out front.

It's good to be home!!!

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