Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Spring is in the air.

Oh to be a lamb!!! Could spring be any better illustrated??

Vinney has had a hard time. He's just been here on this planet for a few weeks, (maybe 4?) but he's already had to overcome more than most ruminants.

First his mother rejected him (at least that's what we were told). He was taken away from all that he knew and brought to the sanctuary. He has been loved and coddled every day, however, one day he wasn't walking on his left front leg. We all thought that Oliver might have gotten more than a little jealous and dealt Vinney a severe kick to the shoulder leaving him unable to put any weight on the leg.

Further investigation by our vets concluded that Vinney had an infection in his left shoulder joint. Unfortunately, that meant for Vinney daily anesthesia and flushing of the joint. (I accidentally walked in on this procedure one day and fled the office crying. My Poor Baby!!!) Seven days later including antibiotics and the infection cleared. But Vinney still wasn't walking on the leg.

He gets around fine on 3 legs and is never further than a few inches from my legs when we take walks. He's been on crate rest for the last 2 weeks to allow his shoulder joint to heal. But today was so beautiful I was able to get special permission for a trip to the pasture.

We never quite made it to the pasture due to Rocky's temper tantrum--yes he did. I figure he was expecting his bottle and when I didn't deliver he set about the most pitiful screaming I've heard from him yet. For the entire walk--an hour!!!

Finally I relented and headed back to the clinic, made 3 bottles, and fed all 3 lambs. Vinney retired to his crate without having to be told and Rocky, Oliver and I headed back outside. While Oliver romped around, Rocky and I reconnected. I can't believe how fast he's grown. Not just in weight, but in all manner of going from lamb to ram.

Time is passing quicker than I thought.


Misty said...

I feel the warm sun on his wittle face myself! Awwwww..just awesome.

jthom03 / Jan Thomason / thomranch@hctc.net said...

hi, robin!!
he's darling! i'm in love!
baby lambs remind me of baby goats and i think they're both absolutely precious!
right before i left on my trip, frank the tank brought twin baby goats into the kitchen - about a week old - and they were the prettiest black and white.
oh, so darling!

was thinking about you and wanted to touch base:)

xoxo, jan

jthom03 / Jan Thomason / thomranch@hctc.net said...

hey, came back to see what you'd been up to and you've obviously been busy! - no new posts!!

we need to talk about flight plans to portland sometime! i also need to get busy with trades!

hope all's well! xoxo, jan