Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Another day, more Grace.

So I was off today and was out front taking pictures of the butterflies when I heard what I thought was a distress call of a rabbit? A hawk of some sort? An owl??? (in the daytime???) I was still in my flannel jammie bottoms and long sleeved t-shirt and Brent's flip-flops--to die for I know. I walked across the neighbor's front yard and across the street and stopped in front of the little cemetery. I for sure thought that whom-ever-it-was would be up in the trees inside the locked gate. Then, of course, there wasn't another call. Walking back to the house, camera in hand, I saw the girls had tippy-toed to the front yard in hopes of a hand out.

Ok, they got one. As they hung around snacking, I sat on the bench and documented the drama.

The feline girls made a tight formation in order to check out what was going on. They are fond of the dry dog food I sprinkled in the grass and I could tell they were wondering if they could take down the large ungulates that were feasting on their treats. I suppose they realized their folly so they faded into the garden only to observe--and make sure if there were any leftovers, they would taken care of.

After a dry food snack, a doe gets a little thirsty. Between the 6 deer that showed up, I had to fill and refill the birdbath because they all drank deeply. This drought has been hard on them but somehow they manage.

With just a little help from the herd cat.


DJ said...

Wow, what beautiful deer! Whenever I see a deer, I think how could anyone want to shoot that? They're too pretty. :) The cats are adorable too, they look so curious.

Robin said...

I know, I feel the same way! I just don't get it either. The cats--oh sure, they're cute there, caught in time. Otherwise, the calico is chasing the orange one and the orange one and the torti are chasing each other playing... it just never ends!!!