Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Blonde Perfection

Back in June I wrote about a leucistic opossum who came in with her siblings and was ready to be released. Not long after that post, she was released. (see Once upon a time... )

Several months ago a leucistic raccoon came in as an orphan. Somehow she was captured (she was wild and crazy and hard to hold--a girl after my own heart!) and we've been feeding her ever since. She be living with all of the other raccoons her age peacefully in our raccoon runs.

It's entirely fascinating to see an animal with unfamiliar markings. Where I'm used to seeing black hands and feet, hers are pink. Where raccoon noses are black and shiny, hers is almost a milk chocolate color. Where I'm used to seeing a grey and black ringed tail, hers is cinnamon and vanilla.

There are some that question the reasoning behind releasing an animal so seemingly defenseless--having no 'natural' camouflage. However, her demeanor and character would, as far as I'm concerned, render any opponent either shredded or turning tail in fear. Some fear she'd be easier to spot by predators.

Doesn't she deserve the chance at her own wild life?

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