Monday, September 21, 2009

A Time of Mourning

photo by Michelle Goodall-Nowels

Life is amazing and life is fragile. Sometimes you want it to stay simple and easy and when you get bored you call in the chaos. And sometimes you can have all of this and more on any given day, especially if you have kids.... you're especially blessed if you have someone to go through it all with--someone who you can call and knows exactly how you feel and what to say, because, usually, she's been through it too.

I am blessed to have a friend like this. We were married in the same year (she in the spring, me in the winter), and, had babies in the same season (me in late spring, she in early summer). We went through years of babies and daily plans of getting out of the house, with the babies, and somehow maintained some kind of adult social and intellectual abilities.

Our married lives went their own ways. She and her family moved far far away to Utah and comparatively, we moved just up the road to Austin, Tx. Still, we called often, had more kids (she far more than I!) and we visited when we could. Our families grew up and we grew wiser, but we never grew older!!

Barb and I have been friends almost half of my life--26 years. We've gone from wide eyed young girls to mommies, and now she's a grandmother. Our lives are rich, delicious, and fulfilling.

And now my dear friend is in the hospital. She and her husband were driving home to Utah from Nevada when they were rear ended by another car. She was life-flighted to a Nevada hospital and was admitted into the ICU. Damon did not survive the accident.

Barbara is on a ventilator, has a chest tube, has multiple contusions and bruises, and will need surgery when she is stable. She is sedated because she was fighting the tubes in her mouth. She isn't aware of Damon's passing. Her parents are at her side and her children are all together. (All 10 of them.) Their lives will never be the same.

So, take a minute and pray for my friend, Barbara, and her family. Pray for their healing. And take a moment and count your blessings--for your health and for your family's health.


Georgette said...

Oh my. I am so sorry. Barb, Damon, their family, and of course you are all in my prayers.

Susan said...

You honored both of them well in your blog post...may you,Barbara, and her family find peace in knowing Damon didn't suffer.

Leslie said...

Oh, I'm so sorry Robin. I'll hold them tightly in my thoughts and prayers.

Susan Raihala said...

What a sad event. I will certainly keep this family in my prayers. And you, too.

highlyirritable said...

Robin, I am so sorry. I hadn't visited for a while and am reading this for the first time today. I will be thinking of you and your friend and her family.

With 10 children, I know their love, support and prayers will go far in helping their mother heal both physically and emotionally.

Again, so sorry. :(
Life can change in just a moment. Such a sad reminder.