Thursday, November 19, 2009

New Friend, Old Friend

This beautiful perfect guy was brought into the clinic because of a wing injury. He is most probably a kid hatched earlier this spring (doesn't he look like he's trying to look older than he is?) and wasn't as proficient at flying as he needed to be. I was taking photos of him being examined by Traci (our vet tech) and Diane (almost clinic supervisor!) and when they were through he settled his feathers and proceeded to stand and silently request more fish (photo above).

When he realized we had no food for him, he decided to walk out of his room into the larger room where we were standing. He came directly towards me (probably not on purpose, I was just there) and we ended up pretty much eye to eye. The feathers on the back of his neck were softer than velvet; softer than rabbit fur; like hair on a newborn baby. The top of his immense bill was warm and smooth... I've never been this close to a pelican and I was instantly taken by his silent curiosity of the world and people around him. ( He really does have feet... I can't believe in all of the photos I took of him not one shows his feet!!! Must return for more!!)

I've written about Black Buck girl before. As an adult, she's always been someone who's kept to herself and hasn't been as social as the goatlets, or Gracie, or even Rocky.

However, today was a different story. I walked into the pasture to visit Gracie who was mooing at the gate--almost like bellowing--but given her youth (almost 9 months old) we'll keep it at mooing. I have no idea why she was calling, just that at that precise moment in time I was able to heed her call.

After patting Gracie's back, neck, and sides, I walked through that pasture and into the next one looking for the goatlets when Black Buck girl trotted up to me demanding attention. She's a girl of few words. She nudged my legs and my hand as I reached down to pat her. She nuzzled my palm. I was a little taken by surprise by her attention. I knelt so that I was eye to eye with her and she immediately began to nuzzle my neck and give me tiny kisses...

She made me feel so very special. After all, I was the only non-quadruped in all 4 pastures and she chose me to nuzzle. And I stayed as long as she tolerated me. Well, until one of the large black pigs decided my camera bag was something to gnaw...


HeArt Collective said...

i love these posts, robin... we're lucky to get to visit these creatures through your lens and beautiful words!

thanks for the update!

Susan Raihala said...

Robin, what a wonderful life you lead! I wish we all could have such amazingly close contact with nature's creatures, but I suppose it's not wise or possible...good for us, not for them. But bless you for sharing your precious view of the world and for taking time to be kind to animals that need a little extra human kindness.