Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Winter has arrived, but only at nght

Recently, conversations with Lillie have moved to winter terms--not 'blizzard' or 'shoveling snow' or 'snow boots' but terms like 'hoar frost' and 'ice' and 'gosh everything looks dead'. Such is winter in south central Texas. Every once in awhile we'll get 'snow' that blankets the yard and street for a brief few hours and we'll stand inside looking out the front door in awe, not wanting to disturb It by going outside --in the cold--and playing-- in the cold-- it might go away faster...

This morning, having the house to myself, I giddily ran to the back porch where I have a stash of rusting tins. I've bbq'd them and coated them with acid patina, and I was in the mood to transfer at least one from Rusty Plainess to Rusty Amazingness. I ran out the back door into the cold breeze and looked down and my creative balloon burst (click on the photos for up close looks)

Yeah, I know. Looks like a light dusting of powdered sugar or something equally benign. But no, that is ice, Ice, !ICE! and if I even breathed on it, the rust would jump gladly from the surface of those perfectly rusted tins to my hands only to be transferred to everything I touched ever afterward. And knowing me, a finger would freeze to one and then what...


So I made due with another project, my Tiny Bird Shrine

Foam core and I had a rocky beginning with me wanting it to bend and make impossibly small corners, etc. But with my new found friends, Straight Pins, I mastered the art of 'forcible compliance'.

I have another shrine in the works, the Tiny Mouse skull shrine. But the sun is out and the day is sparkling. I want to get out while the getting's good. Winter will return this evening...


Leslie said...

Those tins look yummy!

Ice is something I've grown very accustomed to this year. Ice and snow. Six inches this morning and another 8-12 tonight. If I had a rust garden in my yard, I wouldn't even be able to find it!


Susan Raihala said...

What a wonderful birdhouse! I never ever would have guessed it was foam're brilliant!

Here in Ohio, we're on our sixth? snowfall. More expected tonight. We actually had highs in single digits last week. I remember snow in Abilene...woke up to it and within an hour it was gone. Ohio weather is a bit different!