Friday, July 01, 2005

Sunrise Bats

This morning I was actually outside as the sun was rising. A little past 6am, I'm usually only up this early to roll over and get more sleep. If only!
This morning found me on the east side of the driveway. Bats! Several were circling the neighbor's yard. No dogs begging for pats and just the cats slightly touching my legs as they passed making me think I was getting eaten alive by bugs. I could focus!
Bats!!! Several were near, jetting in circles, then, as I looked towards the treeline (horizon), I could see more and more of the tiny winged mammals, over the trees, zooming but staying together.... I counted a dozen easily. I continued to watch, wondering if anyone else was seeing them too, wondering if anyone else did see them, would they be in as much awe as me?

With as much grief as people put themselves through and each other for that matter, making life hard and confusing and sometimes I just shrug my shoulders with the enormity of it all--kids, friends, neighbors, aquaintances, family, obligations, desires, dreams.... so much.

Then I see grace in action and the inner noise is quietened and I am able to hear and see again... today it was bats, yesterday it was the tiny black and red caterpillar on the driveway looking for someplace that was not concrete; the day before, the martins had a party and the thrashers are building on to their nest for another brood..... it's all out there.

Thank you for bats.

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