Sunday, May 10, 2009

The proverbial 'light at the end of the tunnel'

So life has been throwing fast balls recently and I just have to say I have been remiss in posting about those fast balls. I have found other things to do --on purpose-- than to photograph Brent's wrecked bike and helmet from being hit, while riding his bicycle to work, by an SUV. A week later, I found that naps provided me with the escape from posting about the loss of our dear sweet Red Dog from critical kidney failure.

However, today, a light shone brightly. Today was Lillie's first communion. Regardless of your personal spiritual/religious belief, you can still recognize a child's important religious milestone.

And Lillie's joy shined through all of the protocol and have-to-dos. Those few hours honestly put the past two weeks in some kind of perspective and allowed me to focus on the moment. Her moment.

I will post about the other events when I feel focused enough to do so. Until then, I will look at that first photo for a long time (click on the photo for a larger look). That little girl has something to do this lifetime. I can't wait to see what it is.


Leslie said...

What a sweet face on your Lillie! That first image is precious. I'm glad you're finding relief from the less pleasant events of recent weeks.


Noelle said...

Robin, you sure are talented. Not only did you take a perfect photo but you did a pretty good job raising three kids :-)

HeArt Collective said...

she is a bright light! lexee saw her picture and said "she's cute!"... soulful that one! congratulations on your First Communion, Lillie!

highlyirritable said...

Your daughter looks beautiful and happy, and your gorgeous photographs capture her luminosity. I could look at your photography all night, but alas, no one here would be fed, so....