Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Rehydration for the Earth and the Spirit.

It's finally rained. The earth is again sighing--like daily. During one day and over night we got over 6" of rain. The dry seasonal creek hasn't had any significant water in it in several years. We could hear its celebration from the back porch. So, we called the dogs, grabbed the camera and took a walk.

Justin straddled the tangle of underbrush for that deer leg. Earlier he disappeared as I took photos of Sandy (below) and when he returned, he was already crunching his prize. His main focus during the walk was hunting and finding crunchy snacks.

Sandy went swimming. Long ago when she and Justin were puppies, we had a wading pool for them. Somewhere I have a photo (one you hold in your hands!) of both of them laying yin and yang in the pool of water. Honestly, I haven't seen her in water since they outgrew the pool. She waded in, laid down, put her muzzle under the water up to her eyes and blew bubbles. She was so happy!

Niles will die when he sees I took this photo of he and Lillie

Lillie found a peeper

Between rain (after the first rains and before the one above) I took time to disappear into the pasture with my friends. I hadn't visited in awhile and while Rocky's appearance doesn't change much, the goatlet's and Gracie's do. Gracie is getting so big but still remains a calf compared to the other adult bovine in the neighboring pasture. She also still retains her child like tendencies like pushing you with her head or even sneaking up behind you and pushing your hind end while you're getting goat kisses. So not funny but I swear I can hear her snicker each and every time she does it.

On this day I was sitting quietly with Rocky enjoying the pastoral scene of the green hills, blue sky with white fluffy clouds floating on a lazy breeze, vultures soaring in the upper regions of the atmosphere, black wisps on the wind; ravens racing through the trees, taunting one another. I know now why the animals in the pastures have half closed eyes--they're blissed out.

I looked to my left and see Atrayu just standing there watching me. She sweetly kept her distance so Rocky and I could have our time together. So I called her over. Eventually I end up with a goat laying to my left (Atrayu), a goat laying behind me (Falcor) and Rocky laying to my right. I was surrounded by love.

In the meantime, Gracie saw us all huddled together. Not one to miss out on any attention, she made a bee-line to where we were sitting. I wasn't concerned until it looked like she wasn't going to slow as she got closer and closer. Nothing like a 200 pound calf coming directly at you to make you un-blissed-out fast. She did stop in time, her feet coming to rest just millimeters from my legs. She then proceeded to rub the top of my head with her nose and neck. Cow love. Towering above me, she leaned forward just a little and I thought for sure she was going to step over me. As Rocky was nervously still laying to my right, my mind raced as I thought of how to get out of her way so I wouldn't be trampled.

She laid down, knees touching my leg and head all up in my face. Rocky tried to move away from the big black animal but I reassured him he was fine. Gracie laid her head in my lap, burping fermented green burps with an occasional lick with her huge rough tongue.

My time with them was too soon over and I left with complete peace. How could I not?