Monday, October 12, 2009

She's Going Home!!

Barb and two of her Girls

Barb's been released from the hospital and after a few days of rest will now be traveling home, with her parents, to be with her family!! It's been a hard few weeks filled with uncertainty, fear, and hope. Small steps of healing were heralded and Barb never faltered.

Thank you for reading, thinking and praying for Barb. Your prayers have been heard.

She's going home!!!


Susan Raihala said...

Yeah! I'm sure it's going to be hard, though, so my prayers for her continue. Thanks for the update.

Anonymous said...

Robin, I am so happy that she is returning home to the loving arms of her family, uninhibited by tubes and beeping machines.

I wish you and your friend peace as the journey of healing now begins.