Friday, June 20, 2008

A Fox Tale

Each year the types of animals rotates as to how frequently we get them. Last year we took in a litter of 6 coyote pups; this year we have received 2 separate pups. Last year we had a mom fox who was caught and almost killed by a rancher and when he realized she was pregnant, called Texas Parks and Wildlife who transported her to the sanctuary. Overnight she gave birth to six kits and when she was moved to an outdoor soft release site, bolted, leaving her kits for us to raise. This year we've received several single foxes--and they are living outside in one of our day cages until they're old enough to go below and be released shortly after.

These two obviously have a special bond. I spent about half an hour photographing the crew. Obviously the Texas heat is making its presence known. Pink tongues abounded.

Two were in a cat house...

one was barely tolerating me...

and the other two couldn't make up their minds about having their photos taken and hid behind the crate.

We've received two more this week, both close to the same age as these kits.

I have to say that fox kits are one of my favorites. Ok, next to bobkits.

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