Sunday, June 08, 2008

Half Breed; Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves; I Got You Babe...

Introducing Cher.

A long time Kendalia resident called one morning last week to see if we could take in this little goat. Story goes he got up one morning, looked out the window to his front yard, and saw the little goat. He didn't have goats and hadn't had goats since his adult children were young. And since he lives on a main highway, he figured someone had thrown her out.

She arrived in a crate in the back of his truck. As I lifted her thin body out, she gladly looked around and wagged her tail. I ran my hands down either side of her back bone and felt small welts all over. Probably fire ant bites. She didn't seem to mind that I was petting her and as her empty stomach showed, was probably ready for a feed.

In the clinic, Traci and Dee looked her over and the naming process began. I thought up Mae West (oh yes I did) but was quickly outvoted (2-1) on the name Cher. After all, she was thin, had gorgeous black fur, ears that hung straight down like Cher's hair... how could I argue.

Unlike Scooter and M Pearl before her, she didn't waste any time in cuteness overload. Immediately she began her little kid leaps and kicks often looking surprised after an especially complicated kick and leap. Oh she was delicious.

She stayed in the clinic just two days and was ushered outside to M Pearl's yard. They didn't waste any time in getting acquainted and making up leap routines. I've snuck up on them jumping off steps seeming to dare the other to go to the next step up... perfect kid play.

Her welts are healing and her fur is still slick and shiny. She and M Pearl are fast friends and you will never find one far behind the other. Apparently they have formed their own 'girl's club' for Scooter isn't invited to many of their games.

Girls are tricky. Especially if they're goats.

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