Tuesday, June 17, 2008

It's a done deal.

Tomorrow M Pearl goes to her new home. She has officially been adopted and her new owner has been cleared to take her. Her name will change too.


I knew it was coming but I kept hoping against the eventual. After all, M Pearl was the first goat I've ever had the opportunity to care for from the beginning. From scared little baby to sassy kid.

I stayed awhile this afternoon for a long goodbye. I think she knew something was up--I stopped by to visit but I didn't have a bottle, and I wasn't taking Scooter. I sat in the yard and while Scooter waddled over and nested in my lap, M Pearl loved on my like never before. She put her pink nose to my lips and breathed deep breaths. She nuzzled my head and nibbled my hair. She rubbed my back with her tiny horns and then proceeded to raise on her hind legs and park her front feet on my head. Guess she was telling me she was Queen. Cher didn't think anything remarkable was happening. I haven't bonded with her like I have with M Pearl so it's understandable. She didn't get why M Pearl was wasting so much time on a human.

Tomorrow is my day off. I've brought Scooter home so I can take him to his vet appointment in the morning and back out to the sanctuary after. I waffle on taking him back--what if she's gone? Worse yet--what if she's still there??!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Man o man..what I'd give to be a goat...The picture just sums it all up...
Kisses and love