Monday, July 20, 2009

Daylilies near Portland, Maine

I don't know if anyone else loves daylilies as much as I do. I stop whenever I see one and stand, mesmerized by their beauty. So you can imagine my excitement when we stopped at a visitor's center, off the highway, right after we crossed into Maine from Massachusetts. I thought it was some stanky rest stop with fliers in holders and probably all over the floors and rest rooms no one could use.

Was I wrong! This center looked like the botanical gardens. Burms of pines, maples, and fresh mulch were everywhere. Song sparrows were belting out their songs in the tops of trees. Daylilies were everywhere! And not just you average daylilies, but major banks of them! The foliage came up to mid thigh and the bloom spikes were near my waist--HUGE!!

The blooms ranged in size from almost as big as my palm (the light pink one with ruffles), to the size of a clementine orange (the second salmon/dark pink one.)

I have no idea what their names are but I called them heavenly. Click on any photo for a larger version.

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