Friday, July 17, 2009

A walk on Bailey's beach

(click on images for larger views)

There's an old wooden piling that can be seen when the tide is out. If only it could speak the stories it would tell! It catches the bits of everything and holds on to them, for comfort maybe?

There are stands of this seaweed on the rocks and when the waves come it, they are flattened. As soon as the wave recedes, they pop back up. Amazing strength!

The colors in this tide pool are breathtaking. I looked for little crabs or other sea life but to my naked eye, the textures and colors were all that I saw.

The rocks from the beach looked black, but when I got closer I found they were covered, sometimes two and three deep, by small little black mussels. They are the kind that when broken open have purple and white on the inside of the shell.

And these little guys were hanging on despite the tide. I didn't even try to move them--they knew where they needed to be better than I.

I find the beach to be so exciting and full of life. All of the different kinds of seaweed, empty shells, cast off debris, and the life that prevails even in the face of humans. Or, in spite of. I don't necessarily need to be in the water. Just being near, breathing the ocean air, hearing the waves and gulls revives me.


highlyirritable said...

Beautiful pictures, as usual, Robin. There is something about the beach that, no matter what your particular religion/creation view, seem so primal and drawing to humans. Gorgeous!

Leslie said...

How beautiful Robin! I'm totally relating to that old piling in the first picture.