Friday, July 03, 2009

The cottontail makes it all worthwhile!

While we've been here in Rhode Island for just short of 4 days, I've already taken well over 400 photos--of robins, catbirds, butterflies, tons of flowers, the beach, gulls, feathers, and the kids. Yesterday when we got home (here in RI) this little one was in the driveway. Brent had told me of the little cottontail that used to share his mornings in the back yard as he had his cup of coffee, but this was the first time we'd seen her.

We've lived through the sun, wind, clouds, and rain in our little time here. Oh, and Fog. Fog you just don't mess with. You can see it moving between you and the person beside you. And even if the sun is shining at the house, that doesn't mean it's shining at the beach, or is as warm. It can be (gasp) 75 at the house and a mere 65 at the beach. Just boggles the mind.

I hope the next few weeks are as entertaining. I can't wait!!!

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highlyirritable said...

We've had quite the wildlife here this year as well. The raccoons like to party in the back yard, and I think the rabbits have started a commune in my boxwood. As usual, your pictures are gorgeous.